Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Weekend .....

Another weekend where I attempted to get enough rest to make me feel better. Thursday was just a terrible day. I could barely do anything with my hands at all. The pain in my hands and arms was just insane. The doctor that I have now looks at me like I am making up things to try to get drugs.

I feel like I did get enough rest over the weekend. My hands are still bothering me a little, but it is much better if I am blogging.

Have you ever wanted the world to just slow down so you can catch your breath?
That is how I feel all the time. There is so much going on, I never ever get done. I would just like to be able to come home after work have dinner and then just do one thing around the house. Instead what happens is 5 days a week, we are completely swamped with one thing or another after work and I never have time to do household stuff.
When I finally do get a duty day or work late day to do stuff around the house, I have so much to do, I over work myself and I wake up in serious pain.
There has to be a happy medium somewhere.
Am I the only Navy Wife who desperately wants her man to go out to see for 2 weeks just so she can clean house?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Retail Rant ...

I realize that retailers want to capture as much information as possible on their customer base. But honestly, why do you have to play 20 questions with me so that I can buy a soda?

Everytime I go to Lane Bryant,  (Yes they sell the size I wear, and they have AWESOME underwear), I must answer at least 3 questions before they can even get the scan gun out to start my transaction. I must give them my phone number, email address, and zip code at least. I must tell them if they can send text messages to the phone number on file and emails to the email address on file. I have to answer questions about some rewards program and several other things that I can't remember.

When I tell them I can't remember the phone number they have, they want to enter my life story all over into the system.
REALLY???? Why do you need my email address for me to buy underwear?
Are you going to email me in 6 months and remind me my bras are 6 months old and warn out and I need to buy new ones? No.

Today was really the height of retail nosiness.
I was buying a Diet Coke and a Hershey Bar.
KMart had to ask me abou the rewards club, my phone number, my zip code and then try to get me to apply for a credit card.
REALLY? I was buying a diet coke and candy bar!

I understand that retailers want to capture information but I really should not have to provide you with 2 forms of ID, my Twitter Account and 3 references in order to buy a Diet Coke.

Crazy Pain Day ...

Hard to do anything when you hands are hurting this bad ....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weird Pain ....

Of all the places on my body to hurt, Why my tongue???

My tongue is swollen and has a huge sore spot on the side. It makes it hard to eat, swallow and drink.

Thank you Lupus!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So I realized that I have never officially posted on my blog that the doctors have diagnossed me with Lupus in addition to my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

My new Rheumatologist has told me that it may just be Lupus, and not RA. But I wont really find out for a couple more weeks.

Having RA has been bad enough, but then when I find out I have tested positive and have Lupus it was a rude awakening.

RA will just disfigure me and my life hard to live. Lupus will kill me. It will cause damage to my organs and lead me to a slow, painful death.

Needless to say, hearing Lupus, was not something I wanted to hear. Although, it was nice to finally get some validation in that all of the crazy things going on with my body are all caused by one thing.

Facial Rashes - For the past 2 years I have been getting these weird red rashes on my face. They usually dont spread all the way across my face like typically with lupus. It is normally just on one side, but my nose is always red and very "peeling". The edges all look like I am subburnt and that my skin is peeling but it is not that.

Blue Skin - Randomly I will get the blue finger tips. Sometimes it goes further into my hands but normally it is just blue at the ends. It almost looks like I've got a bruise at the end of my fingers.

Brown marks - I get these random brown marks all over my body. They normally aren't bruises per se, but they are just brown, like I am overly tan in one weird shaped spot on my arm or leg.

Headaches - Headaches are very commong with lupus. Everyone knows I am forever having a headache.

Joint Pain, Swelling, Disfigurement and Discomfort - Similiar to RA, the swelling and stiffness is hard to deal with sometimes.

Tiredness and Brain Fog - I stay constantly tired like I can't move. I'm tired, exchausted even and I want to sleep, but sometimes I can't.
The brain fog is really hard for me sometimes because I just can't think of things and I can't remember where I need to be or what I am doing.

Annoyed ....


How do you maintain your professionalism but tell someone you work with that they are the noisest person ever put on God's earth and if they speak one more word you are going to gut them like a fish?

Not every conversation is about you. Not every project should include you.

NO, you do not know everything.  NO, People do not like you.

You should stop being an ass and handle your business.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


If you did not get an invitation ... You are not invited ... Simple as that.

Why don't people understand that?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too Busy

Sometimes, I think I am just too busy for a blog, But I will try to do better.

So I got told on a Military Wife message board that I must not love my sailor if I actually need duty days and work up cruises to have some down time and get things done.
I real wife would want her husband home with her every night.
REALLY? I would go nuts if I never got a break from Godfrey. I need my days where I dont have to rush home and I can go get my nails done, go shopping, etc!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pain Day

Today is one of those days where I just want to cry.
Not because someone died or because Iwatched a sad movie. But I want to cry from the pain.
I was having some pain all day at work. But I decided to go out for drinks this evening anyways. Usually the buzz of a few drinks makes me temporarily forget the pain, and the alcohol kind of numbs it. But not tonight.
The longer I stayed the worse my knee got. My hands are hurting so bad right now, I really shouldn't be typing.
I am going to go take something for the pain and try to get some sleep.
It s just a situation where I am super frustrated that yet again the RA has ruined my night and I am left with nothing but pain.
Sleep is very difficult when my joints are flaring.
It feels like my whole body is on fire.
Hopefully, the medicine can reduce it to the point where I can get some sleep.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Life Of Pain ....

Every morning of my life starts the same way .... In Pain. My RA sort of "locks up" and causes my joints to swell and ache. It seems to be worse in the morning when I have done something physical the day before. If I go to a theme park, or ride my bike, or something as simple as walk the dog I wake up worse than if I had a day of nothing.

I've learned a few little things that help me like taking breaks. Something as simple as housecleaning, I have to take breaks. I run the vacuum, take a break, do the dishes, take a break, fold the laundry, take a break. It takes me forever to get anything done, but I have to do it this way.

"You don't look sick" or "You brought this on yourselfy  with your weight"
If I had a dollar every time I heard one of those, I would be rich.
RA is not caused by weight, diet, or lifestyle. Skinny people get it, kids get it, old people get it, marathon runners get it.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is an AutoImmune Disease.
My body is attacking itself. 30% of people with RA end up with another autoimmune disease such as FibroMyalgia or Lupus. 10% of people with RA end up with all 3, RA, Fibro and Lupus.

Why would I ask for this?
No, I don't think it is cool to have a disease. No, I did not create it to have an excuse.
I simply went to the doctor to find out why I was in such constant pain and why my feet and hands swell and hurt every morning.

I am so tired of people acting like I have created this, or I just want an excuse, or I am just a drama queen.
My body aches and hurts all day everyday. I did not ask for this, I do not want this.

I am really tired of people constantly "preaching" to me that I should change my diet and increase my physical activity and my fake disease would go away and I would feel better.
Trust me, If the cure for RA was to eat nothing but celery and run 5 miles a day, I WOULD DO IT!
Running is only going to make me worse, and although I like celery, it isn't the cure for RA.

So please, Have a little respect for people who have something they cannot control.
You live your life your way, and I will live mine.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Separation Stress

Normally, I do ok with the whole Navy separation thing. Godfrey is forever going somewhere for a week or 2 and sometimes a month or 2. I've gotten used to him always going somewhere.
However, this schooling in CA has been a real hard separation. I think it is mostly because I know what he is doing, and it is very stressful. He is going through training to be a Search and Rescue Swimmer and the training is very rough. He is under many many physical demands. Most people who know him think he is just all about having fun. But he is the type pf person that when a challenge is put in front of him, he will do whatever it takes, he just doesn't quit ever.
Seeing all of the training that he has to go through has just freaked me out, knowing that he is just under this severe physical stresss.

I can't wait for him to come home. I have been super alone this go around and I have been crying at night. Of course when I finally get to talk to him, he finds out I am crying and upset and he makes me laugh. I think that is what I miss the most about him being gone. Normally, when he is at home, We laugh so much each day. I have never laughed as much in my life as I have since I have been with him.

I just hope I can keep it together. He should be home on June 14. It won't get here fast enough.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow Through

So its Memorial Day weekend and I am at home waiting on someone. I hate it when someone says they will do something, and then they just don't. A simple NO would have been fine. I'm an adult, I can handle no. But dont leave me hanging thinking that you are going to do something, and I sit around waiting for you to do it and you actually have no plans to ever do it.
Granted, I dont have any serious time table plans that need to be taken of at a certain time. But the whole thing of just waiting, is pissing me off.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Drink

Right now, I need a drink. No it is not that I WANT one, I NEED a drink.
When I have issues or problems, I resolve them with alcohol. Right now, I am so annoyed, pissed, fired up, whatever you want to say, that I really NEED a drink to calm myself down.

I'm so pissed at the bullshit I have to put up with when Godfrey is gone. I'm so tired of being treated like the hired help, but I still have to pay rent.  I'm tired of dealing with asshole roommates who can't do something simple for me.

Tonight is a night where I really should not be consuming alcohol. I'm mad, and I want to forget what is going on and just relax. But my first gut reaction is "I need a beer".
Godfrey isn't here to make it better. I don't speak to the asshole roomies anymore because it does me no good. Its just me and the dog.

However, I have decided that instead of picking up the bottle to make me forget I have a problem, I am going to do what normal people do and just vent. However, since there is no one here to talk to but the dog, and she just sleeps, I will vent through my blog.

Tomorrow night, I hope I can do more blog venting and not drinking.


Godfrey has been in SAR Swimmer training for 2 weeks now. This is the Navy's Search and Rescue Swimmer training. It is completely stressful for him. He has been swimming 2,000 yards most days. He has had to learn to swim with all of the gear he has to carry. He has had to learn to swim underwear with his snorkel and not drown.

The physical requirements of this has just been extremely demanding.
I know he is tired, but he is extremely dedicated to it and he really wants this. He is the smallest guy in the glass, down to about 145lbs right now.

I love the fact that he is in such awesome shape. But it does form some kind of conflict for us. He gets to work out while he is at work, and I don't.
So when I get home from work, he is always ready to eat. Dinner is like his biggest meal of the day, and for me, it is really optional.

I guess we just have to work together when he is home to figure out what is best for him AND me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blast From The Past ....

So, back in 98, I dated this guy named Marc for 4 months.
We stopped dating, a few months later, had a little "fling".
And then we just kind of stopped talking for awhile.
He was "that one". He was that guy that could have called me at 3am and I would have just gone. He is just a great charmer. I just loved being around him.
Although, it was never like a serious love thing, He has always stayed in the back of my mind.
We we talking when I got married, we were talking when he got married.
And then the last time I saw him was 2006.
A month ago, out of the blue, he sends me a text.
We start communicating again, and I've seen him twice this week.

Don't get me wrong ... I am MADLY in love with Godfrey. He is fun and crazy. Even though some things about him drive me up the wall, he is wonderful, and I love him so much.

However, having this two dinners with Marc, it has been a big yo yo.
On one hand, I just wanted to get caught up, How's the family kind of stuff.
He's changed, and I would defnitely not be chasing after him these days if I didn't know him.
But then, he gives me this look with his big brown eyes, and I melt.
The other thing I love about him is his hands. I look at his hands and I'm melting again.

But then, we remind each other why we didn't work.
He can be an ass.
He is a HUGE Republican, and he is all in to politics. I'm a democrat, but I'm over the whole politics thing.
Sports is another thing, we can't stand to talk baseball because I'm a Mets fan, and he hates the Mets.
He's a Braves fan and I hate the Braves.

So after having dinner with him, and me being reminded like why he pissed me off back in 98,
I go home and curl up with Godfrey's blanket that he keeps on the ship and miss Godfrey all night.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When I get off work, I am headed to Kroger to pick up some free toothpaste, and some ridiculously cheap yougurt.

Then, I am going to head over to Farm Fresh, and get some 18 cent ketchup, and some 38 cent frozen meals!


Friday, May 13, 2011


Why is it that whenever the weekend comes around, I always have 20 tons of things to do, and not enough time to do them in, But all I really want to do is sleep???

I took Godfrey to the airport today. He is going to a training school for the Navy for a month.

I have SO MUCH to do!
Here are a few things:

1) Get Shane some NERF velco darts for his birthday party tomorrow
2) Get grass seed and get it put down before it rains
3) Clean the 1st floor floors
4) Clean both 1st floor bathrooms
5) Laundry
6) Move everything in boxes that is in the front part of the attic to the back
7) Move everything in boxes in the garage to the back part of the attic
8) Get my remaining non-boxed items in boxes and up in the attic
9) Go through what I have for the attic, and throw away or donate most of it.
10) Go through my CM stuff, Pull Kelli's stuff and put it in a box for her.
11) Organize everything else CM, putting away new inventory
12) Organize all paper products for workshops.
13) Pull bags and order forms for Deshounn
14) Change sheets
15) Shop for storage unit

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time for Change!

I've been scrapbooking regularly since 2002. But I have been a Creative Memories Consultant since 2005. Next week is my 6 yr anniversary of becoming a consultant.

In 6 yrs of being a consultant, my business has truly changed. It has gone from being mainly a way to get my and my family's supplies at cost, to having a good core group of regular customers.

I have some customers who are more like friends than anything else. Which is definitely a good thing to have. I have some customers who dont use anything that is made by Creative Memories, they mainly just come to the workshops.
My best experiences have been when someone has something like an album or adhesive from another company, and it fails, or they have a problem with it and my Creative Memories product steps in to the rescue.

I'm having to work out some new strategies and open up my Creative Memories business to those who are not remotely interested in scrapbooking. They take pictures. They want access to their pictures, but that is it.
I need to focus on those picture takers who have no interest in scrapbooking.

I've found over the past year or 2 that I stay too busy to do much traditional scrapbooking.
Sitting down with a blank piece of cardstock and creating a layout from scratch is just not really going to happen. I just dont have the time.
I've really embraced the whole idea of using kits, and simple photo solutions.
I've done 2 albums recently completely with kits and I am just loving it. It looks like I spent all this time creating these awesome layouts, and I didn't do anything but put it together!

Tomorrow will be a big challenge for me. It was supposed to be 3, possibly a 4th consultant renting a shared room for tomorrow. Myself and the other leader would pay $75 each, and have my downline pay $50. If we had a fourth jump in, it would be $50 per consultant.
But things do not always work out as you have planned.
So we will see how it goes with me and my downline.

I am steadily trying to come up with ideas to "shake up" my Creative Memories business, and my personal saving of photos.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Favorite Picture

This picture of Godfrey and I was taken in July 2010. We went on the Spirit of Norfolk to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Our anniversary is technically in August, but he left for training in Great Lakes, IL on July 30, so we had our anniversary dinner a little early.

This is my favorite picture of the 2 of us. I just love the way it turned out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Flare

I was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthiritis in 2010. I've had it for awhile apparently, but I always thought I had the standard Osteo Arthritis and I really couldn't do anything about it but take Tylenol.

Today, I am having a flare. When I have a flare, my joints swell and hurt. Sometimes, its pretty much all over, sometimes it is just one or two areas. Today, I am having a localized flare in just my hands and feet. My hands are so swollen that I cannot make a fist today. My fingers are so swollen I cannot wear my ring. It hurts when I try to make a fist.

My ankles are swollen and my toes hurt really bad. For probably about a month now, I haven't been able to bend the big toe on my right foot all the way.

Even when I am not having a flare, I still have pain from RA. Some people do not understand that I am hurting. The biggest thing that causes me pain, is shaking hands. People insist on shaking hands because it is the norm in the US. But frequently people shake my hand and hurt me and don't even understand that they do it.
The other thing that can really hurt is when some people hug me. They hug me too tight and it hurts.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Couponing 101

From time to time, I am going to update on my couponing adventures. This post will be about some basics to use coupons.

1) Do Not Clip coupons for things you cannot use! Unless you plan on donating or trading coupons, there is no need to clip coupons for cat food when you don't have a cat.

2)Get the paper! Either subscribe to the Wed & Sun deal, or go pick it up. You can get the Sunday paper from Dollar Tree.

3) Google online printable grocery coupons and print as many as you can use before they expire. Don't waste your paper on 10 coupons of something you won't use before they expire.

4) Know your grocery store's coupon policy! Farm Fresh will let you use a max of 20 coupons per visit, they double up to 99 cents everyday, but on Wed they double the $1 coupons. Kroger doubles up to 50 cents everyday.

5) ORGANIZE! The best way is a binder. Organize the coupons by type of product.

6) The biggest couponing secret is: MATCH YOUR COUPONS TO WHAT IS ON SALE!
Sale flyers come out on Wed & Sun. Look at what is on sale, and match the on sale items to what you have coupons for. If you have a store that will double, you can get it for free for extremely cheap!
Example: Farm Fresh has French's Spicy Brown mustard on sale for 99 cents. I have a 50 cents coupon, they will double. So my mustard is free. Colgate toothpaste is $2.50, I had a coupon for $1, they doubled it. I got a 6oz tube of toothpaste for 50 cents!
If you hate mustard and you don't like Colgate these are not good deals. But in my house, we use both of those, so they are awesome deals.

7) Sign up for every store's saver card. Frequently you get extra coupons or extra savings by having the store saver card.

8) Make Room! The whole point of couponing is buying when things are on sale to receive the maximum discount. Have a place to store your extras. Eventually the goal is to have everything you need, so there are never any last minute trips to the store paying full price for something.

9)Use the Computer! You can get special saver emails from manufacturers and stores. Frequently manufacturer's email me promo's with special coupons. Also, visit the websites for products that you like. If they do not have a coupon on the website, send them an email. Frequently, they will email or mail you a coupon (or sometimes a sample).

Food banks, Churches, Homeless shelters, etc all need donations!
Don't keep something because you got it free. Donate!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am probably the most "unconventional" Navy Wife that exists.

Reason number one is that we aren't married. We don't plan to get married any time soon.
Both of us have been married before, and we don't want to get burned again.
We've decided that we will get married when we are both 100% sure that is what we want.
We are not going to be rushed into marriage by the Navy or by my employer.
True, the military pay changes when the enlisted have a dependant. But we have determined that the pay is not a reason to get married.

Reason number two is also money. I don't know, don't care, don't have access to, and don't want access to his military pay. His paycheck is his paycheck. My paycheck is my paycheck. I don't see any reason for me to consider his paycheck my money just because he is military. If he had any other job, his paycheck would still not be "My Money" so why does it suddenly become my money because we are military?
When people ask questions, I don't know and don't WANT to know the answer. It is NONE of my business. He stays out of my bank account, I stay out of his.
We have ONE joint bank account that we pay a joint car loan through. But that is IT.
Even when we get married, we do not plan to combine anything, or change the house to both of our names.

Reason number three is that I deal VERY well with separation. He doesn't, but I do. I don't see the need for him to be calling me and texting me ALL NIGHT when he has duty. Its only every 6 days that he has duty. Its not like he is gone every other day. His in and out, home for a week, gone for a week, schedule works just fine with me. He is kind of needy sometimes and the crazy schedule makes him worse. Not me. I need my down time. My alone time.
I have no desire to cram my head up his rear end when he is home, just because he will be home a week and then gone a week.

Reason number four is that I am still in my home area. We have been together almost 3 yrs. He is stationed in my home area, and plans to stay here for the rest of his career. If we stay together until he retires, I will have never had to move as a military wife! That is VERY rare!
The fact that I am basically "at home", minutes from my high school and college, I don't really feel like a military wife being someplace separated from the world. I can drive to my dad's and my sister's in 20 minutes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Sure

Not sure what this weekend will bring. Godfrey is only home until Monday at 4am, and I have already made him VERY MAD. It is totally my fault. I did something STUPID, and when confronted, I tried to avoid it, and didn't tell the truth. Now, I am stuck with him being mad at me, when we will only have the weekend. When he gets mad, he just shuts down. He doesn't want to talk to me at all. He will probably give me the silent treatment until Sunday. I am hoping he gets over it quickly.

My Sweet Suprise

Godfrey left on March 31. He told me when he left that he would be home on Friday, April 15. However, when I got home from work on Thursday, April 14, it was obvious that someone had been there. The dog had her collar on. The backyard had been cut. But there was no signs of Godfrey. He hadn't taken a shower, his toothbrush wasn't there, he hadn't put his clothes in the hamper. So I looked around the house for him and couldn't find him. I went ahead and changed clothes, getting ready to do a few things around the house. When I came out of the bedroom from changing, he jumps out at me! He had been in the attic, and was trying to hide from me! Crazy Man! One day, he is litterally going to give me a heart attack from jumping out to scare me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eleven Cents!!!

My first amazing coupon deal where I was even surprised! Last night I purchased a total of 20 items from Farm Fresh and I spent ELEVEN CENTS!!! They had a sale, taking things down to 49 cents and 99 cents. Of course I had coupons for both. Farm Fresh will only let you use 20 coupons at a time, and only 2 of the same coupon. So I went to Farm Fresh in Va Beach. I got 8 mashed potatoes and 2 stuffings and my total after coupons was 8 cents. I accidentally left my reusable bag in the car! Then I stopped at the Farm Fresh near my house, I got 8 more mashed potatoes and 2 more stuffings. This time I remembered my reusable bag and it was only THREE CENTS!!! We go through food like crazy in our house. Godfrey always feels like he has to feed the whole world. So trust me, although it seems like alot, I am sure I will use 4 packs of mashed potatotes in one meal! My other purchases have been good. $88 total at Walgreens cost me $35, $89 total at Target cost me $32. But I am still looking for the awesome deals!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So here is my blog ....

I am mostly writing a blog as an outlet for myself. I wrote in paper journals for years and years. When I moved, they all got put in storage, and now I have no idea where they are, and I haven't written in them in a year, so I might as well move on. I figured that I would Blog about several things. My first priority on the blog will be my Unconvetional Navy Wife Blog. I will be bloging and mostly venting about the military life. My better half is active duty Navy in a well known Navy town. We are a very unconventional couple in general, so of course I'm an unconventional Navy Wife. My second priority on the blog will be my second job, which is as a Creative Memories Consultant. I have been a consultant now for almost 6 yrs. I have been mostly just a typical traditional scrapbooker, but now I am really opening up to other photo solutions realizing that I dont always have time to sit down and create pages from scratch. My third item on the blog will be theme parks. Due to geography, most of the theme park info will be Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Water Country USA, and Kings Dominion. However, we do take periodic trips to further away parks. I love theme parks and roller coasters, however, I hate people, hate crowds and hate all of the BS. Another item that I will be documenting is my battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm only in my first year post diagnosis, but I am having some severe problems and flares. I will try to upload pictures when I am all swollen. Sometimes it is scary. My newest hobby is couponing. I don't know why it never really clicked with me how to make it work, but I recently sort of figured out the tricks. I've been using coupons for several weeks now and saving at least 50% everytime I do a couponing trip. I will be documenting my successes and failures at this venture. I'm sure there will be other things I blog about, such as my weird relationship with my mother, my constant roller coaster life, and my dealings with my AADD.