Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I post on Twitter quite frequently. 
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I haven't made any Blog posts in a really long time. Honestly, I thought I had deleted my personal blog when I created our travel blog. 

In 2015 my husband and I moved to California from Virginia. My husband and I moved to Oceanside, California, which is in the Northern Part of San Diego County. Oceanside is in between San Diego and Los Angeles. 

In August of 2017, My husband was promoted to Chief. As part of the promotion he got new orders, which means we will be moving soon. His new assignment is in San Diego California. He could commute, but we have decided to go ahead and move. In Oceanside, we are living in on base housing and technically, Navy are not permitted to live there if they are assigned to San Diego. However, they turn a blind eye to it if the service member was assigned to CP and then gets transferred. Frequently people go back and forth with assignments between the two bases. 

Both of us would like to be closer to the San Diego area. My husband and I like many things about Oceanside, but its like well we have been here, lets live someplace else. I personally would like to pursue some educational opportunities that are offered at San Diego State and potentially get another job. 

When we moved from Virginia, I just kept my job and I work from home. The problem is, I work for a nonprofit in Virginia, and the pay difference between what I could make in California working for a government entity versus working for a religious nonprofit in Virginia is huge.
Also, when I moved, I told my employer I was only going to be working remotely for 3 years, and now I am at the end of that. I am afraid that they are going to get tired of me working remotely and use that as a reason to get rid of me. So I want to be prepared. There are people in other departments who have worked remotely due to their spouses employer relocation for years. It will be 10 yrs in July that I have been with my employer. But honestly, I am afraid because because I am not keeping my end of the bargain and coming back to Virginia as scheduled.

Since before we moved in Nov 2015, I have been off all anti depressants. I have fought with depression in California, but it has not been very bad at all. 
I have been dealing with things the best I can and so far, I have not had any major episodes requiring me to go back on medication.

I will try to do some further updating later.
My father passed away in 2017, and I should do a long post about that. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Relay For Life Team Recruitment Video

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I keep forgetting to update my blog.
So much has happened since the last time I updated. 

So much craziness has been happening lately. 
Work schedules, travel schedules and so much more. 

Hopefully, I can get back into blogging here soon and update my blog on a regular basis. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cooking Up Frustration

I've never been one who was really into cooking. Mainly because I have always worked a job where I got off work at 5-6pm and by the time I get home, I feel like I am already behind the dinner schedule. 
When I was married to the moron, he worked nights for awhile, so I worked until 630pm, I would get home at 7pm. He would get up at 10pm, so I had time to cook. Or mostly because I was dealing with other issues, I would "Slap together" something. 
Spaghetti, hot dogs, mac n cheese, hamburger helper, etc. All of those quick and crappy foods. 

Over the past year or so, I've become more interested in what we eat, instead of just eating it. I rarely make pasta or processed foods. I personally, just want to cook mostly meats and veggies. My husband is Asian, so every meal is supposed to have rice of course. And unfortunately, too many times, I cheat and take the easy way out and make rice because its easy. Water and rice in the rice cooker, BAM. Its done. 

My issue still remains that I don't feel like I have time to cook. I feel like when I get off work at 5p, my life is in fast forward and I don't have a minute to sit down. 

Normally, my husband gets off work around 4pm, so he is home way before me. So therefor since he is home, he starts cooking. Sometimes we cook together, but mostly he cooks. I will assist and make side dishes. 

Here recently, he has been working until 8pm and not getting home until 815-820. So it has given me a chance to get dinner on the table. 
So last week I cooked somethings that I normally do like stir fry. I tried cooking pork chops a different way. 

This week I have already experimented with tilapia, shrimp and crab cakes. 

I enjoy trying new things and cooking different stuff, but I think my frustration is my husband. He wants to eat the same thing all the time, Filipino Food, steak, sushi. Pretty much that is his diet. He doesn't want to enjoy some of the crockpot recipes I came up with.
He also loves to pull this, "Thats not what I want, lets go out to eat" thing when he is on the way home. Its happened before where I have started dinner, and then have to put everything back up. 
I think the last time it happened, he realized how bad it upset me and he hasn't done it in awhile. 

I think I am going to seize this opportunity of him working late and try to cook some stuff. Maybe I will be searching around for recipes. 

Wish me luck in my culinary adventures.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Stalker Story

Over the past year or so, I started using this app for Smart Phones called Foursquare. Basically, it lets you "check in" to the merchant or restaurant where you are. The merchant sets up their page and they can offer discounts or coupons. 
Its also a great place for reviews and photos of the business. 
So I started using it a couple years ago and I have gotten a crazy amount of free stuff, hats, bags, free food, and all sorts of discounts at places. It has been great.
Well while my husband was deployed, I really got into it and I was checking in to every single place I went, every single day. 
Anyone could have looked at my account on Foursquare and seen exactly where I was at any time. 

Which is exactly what happened.

This random person, Jeff, started following me on Foursquare. At first, I just thought he was a serious competitor because he would check in someplace, sometimes in the middle of a street, right after I would check in, just to kind of get more points than me. 

So at first I ignored it. Then he started checking in near me. If I was at Farm Fresh, he would check in at the CVS across the street. If I was at the intersection near my church, he would check in on the other side of it. 
It was like he was following me. 

Well he was. 

He went from being near me, to checking in where I was. I had started stopping at Farm Fresh a couple days a week on the way home. I would check in to Farm Fresh and 10-15 minutes later, he would check in. 

He would respond to my check ins, leave me little messages. 

Then one day, he was waiting for me at Farm Fresh. I walked in the door, checking in, in the parking lot on the way in. And there he was standing in Farm Fresh near the door waiting for me. 


He came up to me and talked to me and freaked me out. 
I left without buying anything.
I went home and blocked him on Foursquare and Twitter and immediately STOPPED using the application. 

It freaked me out!