Thursday, November 3, 2011


So I realized that I have never officially posted on my blog that the doctors have diagnossed me with Lupus in addition to my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

My new Rheumatologist has told me that it may just be Lupus, and not RA. But I wont really find out for a couple more weeks.

Having RA has been bad enough, but then when I find out I have tested positive and have Lupus it was a rude awakening.

RA will just disfigure me and my life hard to live. Lupus will kill me. It will cause damage to my organs and lead me to a slow, painful death.

Needless to say, hearing Lupus, was not something I wanted to hear. Although, it was nice to finally get some validation in that all of the crazy things going on with my body are all caused by one thing.

Facial Rashes - For the past 2 years I have been getting these weird red rashes on my face. They usually dont spread all the way across my face like typically with lupus. It is normally just on one side, but my nose is always red and very "peeling". The edges all look like I am subburnt and that my skin is peeling but it is not that.

Blue Skin - Randomly I will get the blue finger tips. Sometimes it goes further into my hands but normally it is just blue at the ends. It almost looks like I've got a bruise at the end of my fingers.

Brown marks - I get these random brown marks all over my body. They normally aren't bruises per se, but they are just brown, like I am overly tan in one weird shaped spot on my arm or leg.

Headaches - Headaches are very commong with lupus. Everyone knows I am forever having a headache.

Joint Pain, Swelling, Disfigurement and Discomfort - Similiar to RA, the swelling and stiffness is hard to deal with sometimes.

Tiredness and Brain Fog - I stay constantly tired like I can't move. I'm tired, exchausted even and I want to sleep, but sometimes I can't.
The brain fog is really hard for me sometimes because I just can't think of things and I can't remember where I need to be or what I am doing.