Friday, April 29, 2011

Time for Change!

I've been scrapbooking regularly since 2002. But I have been a Creative Memories Consultant since 2005. Next week is my 6 yr anniversary of becoming a consultant.

In 6 yrs of being a consultant, my business has truly changed. It has gone from being mainly a way to get my and my family's supplies at cost, to having a good core group of regular customers.

I have some customers who are more like friends than anything else. Which is definitely a good thing to have. I have some customers who dont use anything that is made by Creative Memories, they mainly just come to the workshops.
My best experiences have been when someone has something like an album or adhesive from another company, and it fails, or they have a problem with it and my Creative Memories product steps in to the rescue.

I'm having to work out some new strategies and open up my Creative Memories business to those who are not remotely interested in scrapbooking. They take pictures. They want access to their pictures, but that is it.
I need to focus on those picture takers who have no interest in scrapbooking.

I've found over the past year or 2 that I stay too busy to do much traditional scrapbooking.
Sitting down with a blank piece of cardstock and creating a layout from scratch is just not really going to happen. I just dont have the time.
I've really embraced the whole idea of using kits, and simple photo solutions.
I've done 2 albums recently completely with kits and I am just loving it. It looks like I spent all this time creating these awesome layouts, and I didn't do anything but put it together!

Tomorrow will be a big challenge for me. It was supposed to be 3, possibly a 4th consultant renting a shared room for tomorrow. Myself and the other leader would pay $75 each, and have my downline pay $50. If we had a fourth jump in, it would be $50 per consultant.
But things do not always work out as you have planned.
So we will see how it goes with me and my downline.

I am steadily trying to come up with ideas to "shake up" my Creative Memories business, and my personal saving of photos.