Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Retail Rant ...

I realize that retailers want to capture as much information as possible on their customer base. But honestly, why do you have to play 20 questions with me so that I can buy a soda?

Everytime I go to Lane Bryant,  (Yes they sell the size I wear, and they have AWESOME underwear), I must answer at least 3 questions before they can even get the scan gun out to start my transaction. I must give them my phone number, email address, and zip code at least. I must tell them if they can send text messages to the phone number on file and emails to the email address on file. I have to answer questions about some rewards program and several other things that I can't remember.

When I tell them I can't remember the phone number they have, they want to enter my life story all over into the system.
REALLY???? Why do you need my email address for me to buy underwear?
Are you going to email me in 6 months and remind me my bras are 6 months old and warn out and I need to buy new ones? No.

Today was really the height of retail nosiness.
I was buying a Diet Coke and a Hershey Bar.
KMart had to ask me abou the rewards club, my phone number, my zip code and then try to get me to apply for a credit card.
REALLY? I was buying a diet coke and candy bar!

I understand that retailers want to capture information but I really should not have to provide you with 2 forms of ID, my Twitter Account and 3 references in order to buy a Diet Coke.


  1. Just tell them you don't want to give it.

  2. It still amazes me how much info is required to pay cash for a Diet COke