Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am probably the most "unconventional" Navy Wife that exists.

Reason number one is that we aren't married. We don't plan to get married any time soon.
Both of us have been married before, and we don't want to get burned again.
We've decided that we will get married when we are both 100% sure that is what we want.
We are not going to be rushed into marriage by the Navy or by my employer.
True, the military pay changes when the enlisted have a dependant. But we have determined that the pay is not a reason to get married.

Reason number two is also money. I don't know, don't care, don't have access to, and don't want access to his military pay. His paycheck is his paycheck. My paycheck is my paycheck. I don't see any reason for me to consider his paycheck my money just because he is military. If he had any other job, his paycheck would still not be "My Money" so why does it suddenly become my money because we are military?
When people ask questions, I don't know and don't WANT to know the answer. It is NONE of my business. He stays out of my bank account, I stay out of his.
We have ONE joint bank account that we pay a joint car loan through. But that is IT.
Even when we get married, we do not plan to combine anything, or change the house to both of our names.

Reason number three is that I deal VERY well with separation. He doesn't, but I do. I don't see the need for him to be calling me and texting me ALL NIGHT when he has duty. Its only every 6 days that he has duty. Its not like he is gone every other day. His in and out, home for a week, gone for a week, schedule works just fine with me. He is kind of needy sometimes and the crazy schedule makes him worse. Not me. I need my down time. My alone time.
I have no desire to cram my head up his rear end when he is home, just because he will be home a week and then gone a week.

Reason number four is that I am still in my home area. We have been together almost 3 yrs. He is stationed in my home area, and plans to stay here for the rest of his career. If we stay together until he retires, I will have never had to move as a military wife! That is VERY rare!
The fact that I am basically "at home", minutes from my high school and college, I don't really feel like a military wife being someplace separated from the world. I can drive to my dad's and my sister's in 20 minutes.