Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eleven Cents!!!

My first amazing coupon deal where I was even surprised! Last night I purchased a total of 20 items from Farm Fresh and I spent ELEVEN CENTS!!! They had a sale, taking things down to 49 cents and 99 cents. Of course I had coupons for both. Farm Fresh will only let you use 20 coupons at a time, and only 2 of the same coupon. So I went to Farm Fresh in Va Beach. I got 8 mashed potatoes and 2 stuffings and my total after coupons was 8 cents. I accidentally left my reusable bag in the car! Then I stopped at the Farm Fresh near my house, I got 8 more mashed potatoes and 2 more stuffings. This time I remembered my reusable bag and it was only THREE CENTS!!! We go through food like crazy in our house. Godfrey always feels like he has to feed the whole world. So trust me, although it seems like alot, I am sure I will use 4 packs of mashed potatotes in one meal! My other purchases have been good. $88 total at Walgreens cost me $35, $89 total at Target cost me $32. But I am still looking for the awesome deals!