Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Know You Are a Military Wife When ....

You Know You Are A Military Wife When ...

... You have at least 3 really good stories that start with the phrase "When we were stationed in ....."

... You feel the need to introduce your friends to each other by what their husband does. "This is L her husband is Army, this is J her husband is a corpsman, and this is A her husband is a Seabee"

... You don't really let another Military Wives annoy you too much, You know that sooner or later, one of you will be stationed somewhere else, and you won't have to see the person that annoys you ever again.

... Even though deployments stink, You try to make the best of it. "This deployment I am going to finish my degree!" or "This deployment I am going to repaint every room in the house"

... You have ever moved to a new residence with absolutely no assistance from your husband because he was deployed. 

... You have a collection of t shirts from ships, commands, bases or work units where your husband or a friend was assigned. You have at least 3 in your collection that employ no one you know any longer. 

... Someone compliments you on a piece of jewelry and instead of just "Thanks" you have to explain where he was when it was purchased. 

... You have some random t shirt or sweat pants that belong to your husband that you sleep in. It reminds you of him when he is gone. 

... You read magazine articles about improving your marriage and how it suggests you have sex everyday for 10 days in a row, and it hits you that you can't remember when he was last home for a continual 10 day period without being on leave. 

... You confuse your coworkers by referring your your vacation time as leave. 

... Spring break for the kids is referred to as a leave period. 

... You have friends that you regularly talk to who do not live in the same state or even the same time zone.

... You realize that your sacrifices at home are nothing compared to his.

... Even though it is a crazy life, the love you have makes up for everything. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Military Laundry

You know that you are a Military Wife when you can tell what kind of day your solider/sailor had by what type of uniform they bring home to wash, or what you find in the bottom of the washer or dryer. 

It seems with me, I am always finding ear plugs. In the washer, in the dryer, in the floor, in the car, everywhere. 

You talk to a SeaBee wife and she will complain about nails being everywhere. 

You also have a sudden sense that you are a military wife when you realize that you are in an argument with someone over how bad hydraulic fluid / oil / grease / tar stinks and how bad it is to get out of a uniform. 

Whatever it is that he brings home on his uniform is always stinky and always difficult to get out. 

Even though it seems silly, I have seen wives argue over what stinks more and what is harder to get out. 

I guess it is the Navy wife version of a pissing contest. (I am sure one of the women could figure out how to get piss out of a uniform too)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sometimes Love Makes You Forget Who You Are

I'm the type of person who loves to laugh and joke and have a good time. I'm always trying to make people laugh. However, I have never been one who is OK with really immature or messy pranks. 
On a weekly basis, Godfrey tries to scare me by hiding and jumping out from under or inside something. Most of you know the infamous sneeking into my bedroom at night story. I've gotten to where now I enter a room and turn all the lights on, open every closet door and look behind everything because I never know when he is going to jump out from something. 
Recently his big thing has become just randomly hiding. Suddenly we are in hide and seek and I did not know the game started. I look up and he's gone, and I have to find him. One evening he went and took a shower and never came out. I looked all over the house for him. After his shower he had gotten under the bed to hide from me. 

My point in all this is that Love sometimes makes you forget who you are and what you think is immature or funny. 

Last night after our trip to the grocery store, I went into the bedroom and I come out and he is hiding again. I thought this was his prank for the evening. However, he was just getting warmed up. 

Later when I was changing, preparing for a shower, he randomly comes up to me with a handful of water and dumps it on my underwear. (I was only half dressed at this point, getting ready to shower).
Ha ha, we all laugh, that was a good joke. Normally, I just let his pranks go and never try to get him back. For some reason that was not the case last night. 

I suddenly turn into a crazy prankster like him and seek revenge. 

While he was shaving, I grabbed my body spray and was able to coat him in it before he could stop me. Now he is very flowery smelling. Ha Ha, very funny, I got him back, I thought it would be over. 

I got to put up the new shampoo I just bought, he gets behind me with a handful of liquid soap and then grabs my butt. So now I have liquid soap all over my underwear. Ha Ha, very funny. 

For some reason hell went through me and I suddenly attacked him with body wash. He had a fist full of body wash on his chest and back. 

I thought it was hilarious. He couldn't believe I would do something like that. Normally he is the prankster. 

I guess Love did make me forget who I was. I suddenly turned into a prankster. 

Oh well, It was all Good Clean Fun!

Morale of the story, Life is too short. When you see a moment to laugh at yourself and laugh with the one you love, do it.