Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blast From The Past ....

So, back in 98, I dated this guy named Marc for 4 months.
We stopped dating, a few months later, had a little "fling".
And then we just kind of stopped talking for awhile.
He was "that one". He was that guy that could have called me at 3am and I would have just gone. He is just a great charmer. I just loved being around him.
Although, it was never like a serious love thing, He has always stayed in the back of my mind.
We we talking when I got married, we were talking when he got married.
And then the last time I saw him was 2006.
A month ago, out of the blue, he sends me a text.
We start communicating again, and I've seen him twice this week.

Don't get me wrong ... I am MADLY in love with Godfrey. He is fun and crazy. Even though some things about him drive me up the wall, he is wonderful, and I love him so much.

However, having this two dinners with Marc, it has been a big yo yo.
On one hand, I just wanted to get caught up, How's the family kind of stuff.
He's changed, and I would defnitely not be chasing after him these days if I didn't know him.
But then, he gives me this look with his big brown eyes, and I melt.
The other thing I love about him is his hands. I look at his hands and I'm melting again.

But then, we remind each other why we didn't work.
He can be an ass.
He is a HUGE Republican, and he is all in to politics. I'm a democrat, but I'm over the whole politics thing.
Sports is another thing, we can't stand to talk baseball because I'm a Mets fan, and he hates the Mets.
He's a Braves fan and I hate the Braves.

So after having dinner with him, and me being reminded like why he pissed me off back in 98,
I go home and curl up with Godfrey's blanket that he keeps on the ship and miss Godfrey all night.