Monday, April 8, 2013

More Judgement

I've made up my mind that I am going to insert myself into the life of the ship's FRG come hell or high water. I don't care that I am not wanted because we aren't married. I don't care that the FRG President does not like me and refuses to include me. I don't care. I am going to insert myself into the damn FRG and these people are just going to have to deal with me. 
This is not high school, and you cannot just say that the FRG is your clique group of friends and no one else is allowed. That is no way to run an FRG. 
Unfortunately, I have heard many times that this happens, especially with smaller commands and it is a key few women who run the FRG, get on a power trip, and basically exclude anyone that they do not like, and the FRG gets turned into nothing and sometimes they are forced to disband. 
I hope that does not happen with the FRG for his ship. From what I understand, the FRG has had the same President since he has been on the ship in 2010. Basically, the FRG has consistently done NOTHING over and over. I got zero emails, and nothing but one snotty reply in the first year that he was on the ship. I finally started getting the emails from the CMC and OMB late last year. But I still get nothing from the FRG. 
The first time a communication went out, I forwarded the email that he had sent me that was the FRG President's response to asking me to be added to the list. No response. 
So recently, another communication came out from the OMB, about a fundraiser for the FRG, and yet again, I responded to the FRG President with why am I not getting your emails. I got snotty response #1 of are you related to anyone on the ship? To which I responded and then again forwarded the FRG Pres response to my sailor, YET AGAIN, twice now. 
I finally got a response that I was not added to the list. But I would be. 
I never got a response on the FRG fundraiser or anything. Only that another email would come out and I would get it. 
Well of course, yesterday was the FRG Fundraiser, and I only knew the details thanks to the OMB. 
So you know what? Even though I did not get the word from the FRG President, I went anyways. I feel like she is deliberately excluding me. I do not buy these "I am having problems with my email" stories. I am in the IT field, fool someone else.

Of course I get to the FRG fundraiser and I have NO idea who any of the people are from the FRG. There was a friend of mine there, she has a friend, (who I have met once) who's hub is on the ship. So there were two people I could speak too. 
But I feel like if you are any kind of officer with the FRG, you should go around and introduce yourself to anyone that you do not know. Not just make some comment to someone else, (loud enough for everyone to hear), I don't know who she is. Well fucking introduce yourself. Act like a damn leader. 
I can't stand it when people who have no fucking social skills are in charge of something. Act your role, greet everyone, thank them for coming, don't be a bitch and loudly say you dont know someone. 

I know that there is a meeting coming up, but no one has announced the location. I am waiting to hear where it will be. When I find out where it will be I am going to try to do everything I can to go to the meeting. 
I don't care that they want to play high school clique. I am going to go to the damn meeting and they will have to fucking deal with me.