Monday, April 22, 2013

Still want to hide

I had just a horrible day at work. 
It was rainy and miserable outside and it just made me feel even worse on the inside. I got to work and it was a day just like any other. Spent all day on my island. 
It would be nice if my isolation at work had some purpose, like I am contagious or something. But it really does not have a purpose other than most of the things I work on, do not involve anyone else. Hence the island. 
Tomorrow, I have another counseling appointment with my counselor and then I think next week is when I see the shrink for my meds. 

I wanted to update a post that I posted awhile back about the fundraiser at for the FRG. Apparently, the FRG President wasn't there. The person who loudly and rudely said "I don't know who she is" is the FRG Treasurer. I can see from the last meeting why absolutely nothing gets accomplished with the FRG. The current President is very mousy and quiet and not commanding like an organization president should be. She had no control over the last FRG meeting. Most of the women brought their WILD children and did not to anything at all to keep an eye on them. They just let them run wild and make a mess all over the place. 
She said that she is electing new officers for the FRG, because her husband is retiring, so she needs to step down. No one really seems interested in running for president. They announced that the half way party is actually a half way family picnic, but they have still not picked a location. It is this Saturday. I rec'd an email tonight, and it looks like they will be having it at a park on base. Which I do not understand, why they won't have it at one of the city parks in va beach because those are much easier to get to, and everyone can come. When you have events exclusively on base, you eliminate part of the attendance. At the last meeting, there was a guy's mom who was there. Well obviously, if they have it on base, she can't go. There was one girlfriend who was there, but she is civil service, and BFF's with another wife from the ship, so she has not problem getting on base. I wish they would do it some place that is more central, because some people live on the other side of the water and really do not want to be driving to oceana. 
Anyways, I was hoping that maybe next year they would elect FRG officers so I could run for a position, but since they are electing them this year I cannot. They don't know me at all. Right now, I am not in the best frame of mind to do it either. With my depression, I am not much fun to be around.