Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why are you confused?

Transplants always complain about how difficult it is around here to navigate the roads. Tourists, and military alike get here and can't quite figure out where the heck they are going. Before everyone had a GPS as standard operating equipment in their vehicle, it was common place for the confusion to set in. 

Here is why:

Portsmouth Blvd is in Chesapeake
Chesapeake Blvd is in Norfolk
Virginia Beach Blvd is in Norfolk
Port Norfolk is in Portsmouth
West Norfolk is in Portsmouth
but South Norfolk is in Chesapeake

There is a Martin Luther King Hwy, a Martin Luther King Freeway, a Martin Luther King Bridge, and a Martin Luther King Memorial. 
However, they are not even in the same city, let alone anywhere remotely near each other. 

Great Bridge is a part of Chesapeake, However it is also an actual Bridge. 
Yes, in the Great Bridge part of Chesapeake, we have a bridge named the Great Bridge Bridge. That is the real name, I am not making it up. 
The Great Bridge Bridge.

You can drive 3 miles down the same street and you cross from Portsmouth to Chesapeake to Suffolk on High Street, Western Branch Blvd and Hwy 17. 
However, you are still on the same street and you have not made a single turn.

You can drive 25 miles on Military Hwy. Drive through Suffolk to Chesapeake to Norfolk to Virginia Beach and back into Norfolk, but you have not gone anywhere near a Military Base. 

If you are on Interstate 64 and you are trying to go to the Ocean, you are on 64 West. If you look at your compass boys and girls, you are actually driving South. If you are in Virginia Beach and you get on 64, to go to Hampton, you are going West. Yes, the same West you got on to get to Virginia Beach.

Normally interstates run East to West for Even numbers and North to South for odd numbers. However, head to the Peninsula, and you will get on 664 North. Enjoy it, because you are actually going west. 

I still have no idea why anyone is confused.

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  1. Not to mention there is not a single straight road anywhere they are all curvy and turny and then change names on you!