Friday, March 2, 2012

Duty Day

Normally, I look forward to Duty Day. 

Yes, I know. I am weird. Most Navy Wives don't look forward to it because it means a night of wrestling the kids into the tub and into the bed all alone. However, since we don't have kids, and my life feels RUSHED all the time, its nice to have a day to relax. 

Normally, when Godfrey is home, he leaves the base around 6pm, and is normally home around 6:30pm. We rush rush rush to have dinner, go out to a movie, go shopping, take the dog for a walk, rush rush rush rush all evening long. This is every evening. 

He is the type that expects dinner on the table when he gets home. So the fact that I work until 6 sometimes, and I am home after him does not matter. I am still supposed to magically get dinner on the table before I get home. 

He doesn't understand that sometimes I would like to just come home, sit down, go through the normal "how was your day conversation" before dinner, then cook together and take our time cleaning up. 

If I have an errand to run on the way home, he gets upset. He wants me to wait until after dinner, then take him with me. I don't really understand why he has to go to the drug store with me to pick up my prescriptions, but ok, if he is that bored, I guess he can tag along. 

Duty Day is a blessing. 

I can work as late as I want. I can take my time getting home. No rushing. I can change into my PJs as soon as I get home from work. I can have a Diet Coke and a granola bar and call it dinner and I am fine. No need to cook for one. I am definitely not one who needs dinner every night. Its nice. But I am just not always hungry. He doesn't understand that. 

I love duty day. I get to watch what I WANT. No watching the food channel or the travel channel. It is Criminal Minds re-runs all night!

I know I am weird. I am supposed to wine and cry and be all sad that he has to spend ONE night out of my face. But seriously, for the women who get upset over duty night, what would you do if he had any other job that involved travel? I mean seriously, unless you work in factory, or have a single office job, occasionally your job is going to require some travel. 
Are you so dependent on him that you can't think for yourself one night of the week?

I guess the women who wine and cry over duty day have never lived all alone. They probably went from the parent's house or college roommate's house to living with hubby and they have no clue how to think for themselves. 
I lived alone for years and let me tell you, that was the most AWESOME thing. I LOVED living alone. 
I set the rules, I set the pace. ME ME ME ME ME

I never had that college roommate scenario. The only person I ever lived with besides my family was my stupid ex husband. What a waste. Maybe living with him is why I loved living alone. 
Combining households was not really on the list of my priorities because I loved living alone. 

I honestly do not understand how someone can be so upset for ONE DAY. I would understand if it was a deployment. But ONE DAY? Really?
I know you love him and he is awesome, and his shit doesn't stink, and he is your soul mate and all that jazz. I got it. 
But seriously, You can't seize the opportunity to hog the bed ONE night?

Just because I ENJOY having one night of the week where I have no set pace and I can do exactly what I want and I dont have to eat dinner, DOES NOT mean I don't love him. I do. I think I probably love him more than whiney soul mate has a concept of because I know what its like to be married, be divorced and then find your love. 

Before you can love another person, you have to truly love yourself. 
If you can't think by yourself for 24 hours because your prince charming is working, you need to grow up before you get married to your soul mate. 

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  1. you are absolutly right I had the same evil asshole before my princecharming came along and living by myself was AMAZING I loved every minute of it and love my duty days away from him Love him more then I ever thought you could love another human but still need him out of my face just for a little bit so I can do the me all by my self thing