Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogging ....

Bloggers can pretty much link their blog to just about any account they have now. They can link it to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, etc.
The problem is that when bloggers link their blogs to some other account, the perceived notion is that the blogger is receiving viewer counts or comment counts from the other source, however it is not. 
When I post blogger or tumblr and it shows up on my Facebook, that does not count as a view. When someone reads what I have posted, and then comments via Facebook or Twitter, that does not count as a reader, a comment or a view. 
Blogging is counted by followers, kind of like Facebook is counted by friends, and Twitter is counted by followers. 
So if you are reading someone's blog, and you never follow it, and all of your comments are posted in Twitter or Facebook, you aren't really accomplishing anything. 
Right now, my blog only has 7 followers, although I have 700 page views, I only have 7 accounts that are publicly following my blog. So basically in the eyes of blogger, my blog doesn't exist.  
My point is, if you are reading any blogs, whether they are on blogger, word press, tumblr or something else, make sure that you publicly follow the blog, and make sure any comments you have are posted on the blog for other blog readers. 
My only goal is to get my blog out of the category that blogger has me in: 



  1. The only blogs that do really well have specific themes. Also, my comments vary based upon how I am accessing the post. ON my phone I can pull of the page, but not post in the comments, which is why I commented on Facebook.

  2. Blogger doesn't work on phones I don't think at all.
    I can never access it on my phone.
    I can use Tumblr on my phone and on my Nook with no Problem, but not blogger for some reason.
    I am hoping there is an app for blogger when I finally get a new phone.

  3. I have blogger on my phone & my ipad, but it will only let you make NEW POST. you cant read, or look at any other blogs.