Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mutual Respect

Why is it so difficult for adults to understand the concept of mutual respect?
It is simple really, I don't let my dog poop in your yard, so don't let your dog poop in mine. 
But for some reason this concept of mutual respect is completely lost on adults. 
Children understand that if you want to play with another child's toys you must let that other child play with yours. The road runs two ways. 

Since I have been diagnosed with RA and Lupus, I have found that suddenly, everyone is a fucking doctor. Everyone knows best. Everyone knows everything. 

People simply do not realize how annoying this is. I am the one suffering, and yet, I have to suffer more, by listening to a bunch of non-medical people flap their traps about this and that and other things. 

The most annoying part is that almost everyone who offers this unsolicited medical advice, I would love to give them some advice on their life. Stop being a bitch, learn to not be so trusting, grow the fuck up. 

However, I keep my mouth shut and just nod and say ok. I pretend that I care about what they are saying and it will be right next on my list of everything else everyone else has told me to try. 

I don't bother other people. I don't comment like crazy on people's facebook, I don't tag people in posts, I don't do anything to other people that I consider to be annoying in the facebook world. However, people still feel the need to comment on my stuff in a mean way, tag me in posts that will constantly be commented on, so my phone continually notifies me. 

I guess it is all my fault because I tend to expect people to treat me the way that I treat them. I don't want you all in my business, so don't get all in my business. I don't run around telling you how to change your life, so don't run around telling me how to change mine. I don't try to convince everyone they need to scrapbook or watch Criminal Minds, so don't try to convince me to do whatever it is that you do for your lifestyle and for fun. 

So in summary, unless I ask you what you think I should do about my Lupus or RA, Don't fucking tell me what to do!