Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Stalker Story

Over the past year or so, I started using this app for Smart Phones called Foursquare. Basically, it lets you "check in" to the merchant or restaurant where you are. The merchant sets up their page and they can offer discounts or coupons. 
Its also a great place for reviews and photos of the business. 
So I started using it a couple years ago and I have gotten a crazy amount of free stuff, hats, bags, free food, and all sorts of discounts at places. It has been great.
Well while my husband was deployed, I really got into it and I was checking in to every single place I went, every single day. 
Anyone could have looked at my account on Foursquare and seen exactly where I was at any time. 

Which is exactly what happened.

This random person, Jeff, started following me on Foursquare. At first, I just thought he was a serious competitor because he would check in someplace, sometimes in the middle of a street, right after I would check in, just to kind of get more points than me. 

So at first I ignored it. Then he started checking in near me. If I was at Farm Fresh, he would check in at the CVS across the street. If I was at the intersection near my church, he would check in on the other side of it. 
It was like he was following me. 

Well he was. 

He went from being near me, to checking in where I was. I had started stopping at Farm Fresh a couple days a week on the way home. I would check in to Farm Fresh and 10-15 minutes later, he would check in. 

He would respond to my check ins, leave me little messages. 

Then one day, he was waiting for me at Farm Fresh. I walked in the door, checking in, in the parking lot on the way in. And there he was standing in Farm Fresh near the door waiting for me. 


He came up to me and talked to me and freaked me out. 
I left without buying anything.
I went home and blocked him on Foursquare and Twitter and immediately STOPPED using the application. 

It freaked me out!