Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Movie Rant

Ok. So I should be catching up on all the crap that happened during deployment,  the crazy stalkers, and other things.  But I am going to rant about movies.
About a year ago, I got some free passes to a movie screening from the newspaper.  It lead me to get nosey and wonder how all the other people got their tickets.
So I did some research and got on an email list. But it wasn't until like September that I got another free pass and it lead me to more research.
I've spent my time researching the companies,  websites,  and the actual sneak preview websites.
Right now I get emails from all sorts of sites. We get to see a free movie preview every other week almost.
The only time I don't get to see a preview is if I don't respond to the email fast enough.

So here is what burns me up.
Constantly when I get free preview tickets,  someone wants all the dirt.
What websites?
What email lists?
What Facebook page?

People get annoyed when I say, oh they come from a variety of places.
They want specifics.
Send me a link to where you got that!

I've spent my time researching all of this.
If you want to be in, do your own damn research.
I didn't waste all my time to get someone else free tickets.
It just burns me up.
All ofmy research was generated from Google.  So it's not like I did something outrageous.

I know this sounds petty. But it just burns me up.
Mostly its from people with kids who can't go to movies on week nights anyway.