Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finally, an Update

Finally, an update. 

So I haven't blogged anything since August. August was when my fiance', now husband came home. I have been going crazy ever since and I really haven't had time to update anything. 

So here is the quick and dirty. 

Yes, I am still struggling with severe depression, severe headaches and body pain. 
In August my fiance came home from deployment, we went to Vegas, which was a crazy fun vacation. 
I was hoping that having him home and getting back into a normal life would erase all the bad things and give me a life back. 
But it hasn't. 
In August my grandmother died, in September a friend died. 
In November my fiance and I got married. 
We timed it so my birthday is one week, our wedding was the next and my husband's birthday was the week after. 

We have been getting back somewhat back into our routine, but I am still struggling. I just can't get over the depression. 

I am going to write several other blog posts and update on other things that have happened.