Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Lovely Deployment Prep

The Lovely Deployment Prep

So this week is it, he has to finish all of his "getting everything to the ship" this week because of his work schedule and because of when they are leaving. 
So here he goes, he got a new mattress pad, a new pillow, and some other stuff for the ship.

I'm sad and depressed that he is leaving. Its like I have a grip on it one minute and then I don't have a grip 5 minutes later. He is the one who is leaving, so why am I the one that is depressed?

He is acting like he is going to be here for a another year. He has been buying things that clearly he will not use or even open before he leaves. 

Prime example, the new beer fridge and the new lumpia fryer. 
We had a party on New Year's Eve. This was the exact time and place for him to use the beer fridge and for him to use the new lumpia fryer. However, he because he likes to keep things in boxes and not use them, which I dont understand, he did not use the new beer fridge or the lumpia fryer. 
Instead he made me fry lumpia in the house, which the house STILL smells like fried food, which I hate. 
Why couldn't he just freaking hook up the new fryer? Why spend your money on something you are not going to be around to use. 

For my Christmas present he took an off handed comment that I made about a fridge in the bedroom as serious, and he seriously got me a small fridge for the bedroom. 
Thank goodness that i found the receipt in his car, because I will be taking it back. I honestly do not need a fridge in the bedroom. 
Especially when we have the new mini beer fridge in the garage that he has not even taken out of the box and hooked up yet. 

I'mt totally shocked that he hooked up the freezer. He bought a new freezer, not the style I wanted, the style he wanted, right before deployment. Do I seriously need a 20 cu foot freezer for myself?

He makes me crazy. But I  guess his crazy purchase behavior has just been because he is not getting a grip that he is leaving. 

I have no clue how it is going to be for our next couple of days I've got with him. I want to spend as much time with him, but his work schedule, my work schedule, its going to be rough.