Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deployment Day Two

Well, it is Deployment Day Two. The sailor left yesterday for at least 8 months. 

Last night I went out to dinner and drinks with 2 friends whose husbands are also in the Navy. We had a great time, just drank way too much. But it was day one for me, so we sort of sent him off with a bang. 

I decided when he announced the deployment, that I would make myself some serious goals and then do my best to stick to them. Some of the goals are professional, some are personal, and some are just organizational related to the house. 

So I figured this would be a good time to go ahead and list out what my goals are. 

1. Work on my professional certifications. I bought a study program to help prep for Microsoft Certifications. I plan to work on 4 different ones. Getting these certifications will really help me as far as work goes. It will improve my job positioning and could lead to a higher earning potential. 

2. Finish my book! I have created a character and I have the outline of how the book will flow. I've just only had time to write the first few pages. It is frustrating because I really want to make time to get this book done! I've decided that since I will have more time, I will be able to finish it.

3. Organize my craft room. I need shelves going down one wall. I need to go through everything that I have and get it up on shelves and organized. My current chair in there is broken, my table is all a mess. I want my craft room to be organized, and easy to use, and a place I can go and get stuff done. 

4. Get my scrapbooking caught up. I finally finished 2010, but I have not started on 2011 and I have some big trips in 2011. I want to get all of 2011, 2012 and start on 2013 before 2013 is over. I am tired of being so behind.

5. Repaint the house. I want to redo some of the rooms in the house. The house was a different color in every room when he bought the house, he repainted some of the rooms, but I just do not like the colors. I want to repaint some of the rooms and pick better colors. 

6. Plant some veggies. I realize I cannot do this until the spring. But several summers ago, we had a nice garden area all around our fence. He grew some of the most random things. But I am going to plan out and actually grow some things that I want to eat like tomatoes, bell peppers and squash. 

7. Lose Weight! I was on a good path of doing DDP yoga and bike riding along with eating better for about 6 plus weeks. I lost like 12-14 lbs. I haven't gained it all back. But I was struck with really bad headaches, and it was impossible to do anything. So my plan is to get back on the routine that I was on. My first goal will be to get back to my high school graduation weight, which was 195. I weighed myself the other day and I was at 216.5. So once I hit 195 then I will set goals for 20 lbs at a time after that. Hopefully, I can make some progress and be able to look half way decent when we get married. 

8. Keep up with my couponing and get a good stock built up of the stuff that costs so much like shampoo, detergents, cleaners, etc. I also want to build up a good supply of paper products for my workshops, and snacks.

9. Increase my Creative Memories business. Right now I am filling my calendar with workshops. I need to find a better location for workshops in Chesapeake, but I am still working on that. I want to increase my attendance, which I think I can if I find a new location. 

10. Go back to church regularly and join a church. I have been attending one off and on. I kinda want to join, but I am not positive. I am going to keep going and see if I can make up my mind or if I need to pick a different church. Either way, I am going to make church a big goal for me.