Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Virginia

Welcome to Southern Virginia. 

We have many constant things here and we have many things that are always changing. 

Here are a few of the constant things that will never change around here:

Deployments and Homecomings
... No matter which branch, or what time of day or night, someone is always leaving and someone else is always coming home. If we threw a parade every time someone came home, our marching bands would all be worn down to nothing because they would be marching 3 times a day, every day. 
So we tend to just say one big THANK YOU everyday all the time and pray that is enough. 

.... No matter the day or area of Southern Virginia, something always is and always will be under construction. Normally, as soon as it is fixed, it breaks again. If you are in the business of making those handy orange cones, you have found a gold mine here. We never stop road construction. We build roads to nowhere 365 days a year. 

.... No Matter where you are going, add 30 minutes. Even if it is to the grocery store, it could be 5 minutes, or if you have to go over a bridge or tunnel, it could be 5 hours. Pack a lunch. 

School Systems
....No matter which city, the school systems are under-funded. Apparently, part of the teaching curriculum in Universities is a magic act. You have to make almost a non-existent budget cover all of your students. Wave your magic wand and hope for the best. 
However, since most school positions are ridiculously under paid, most teachers and staff cannot afford magic wands. 

Here are a few things that will change by the time I finish this post.

The Weather
...Yes, I know, Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms ..... And that was all earlier today.
Whatever weather you are used to, from where ever you are, just be patient. We have it coming up. 
We have not quite figured out volcanic eruptions or cyclones, but we are working on it. 
Just don't ever put away part of your wardrobe. You will need shorts and flip flops Dec-Feb. You will need a rain jacket July-Aug. 
Unpack everything and keep it ready. 

...Don't waste too much time getting too involved with any candidate over anything. They will flip flop more than a fish out of water. I am finding out this is true in other places too. 
I recommend the mute button on the tv and a blind fold in the voting booth. 
Whoever you vote for, they will always do two things:
Make sure we have MORE road construction, and LESS money for schools. 

Large Scale Business
... Yes, we have many large scale businesses here that have been in the area for years. Some will never go away, but they have changed their name twice since I started this post. 
Don't get too attached to anything. 
If GE and Ford have left, so too will everyone else. 
Stick with road construction, and don't work for the school system. 

Chinese Food Places
...They should all just be named here today gone tomorrow. 
Don't get to like one because in 5 minutes they will be shut down and gone. 

News Anchors
...Don't really learn to love anyone who does the local news or weather around here. Half of them are military spouses and they are only here until they PCS again. The other half rotate stations like I rotate my purses. 
Every other week. 

So to sum it up, Never leave the house with out an umbrella and hail proof helmet. And never leave the house on time, give yourself and extra 30 minutes. 
The road construction will have caused and accident, and my guess is every time we have an accident, the weather changes. 

Welcome to Virginia