Thursday, February 23, 2012

We do have seasons

So since I am like the only "Navy Wife" who will never have to move out of her home city, and the fact that I am in an area I love, and I am surrounded by people who hate it here, makes me want to post. 

All the time, we get complaints about the weather. People say southern Virginia has no seasons. I am going to set the record straight, Southern Virginia DOES have seasons. They do not run by the typical schedule. 

Here is what to expect in Southern Virginia. 

Just Before Summer
This is the first season of the year. 
It normally begins around January 5, or the first Monday after the New Year. 
Christmas has to be completely over and all Christmas attractions closed prior to the start of Just Before Summer. 

One of the high lights of just before summer is our week of "the rainy season" once in February and once in April or May. Another highlight is the constant change in weather. 70 one day, 35 the next. 

Welcome to Virginia.

Summer here begins no later than May 1. Sometimes it starts at the end of April. Summer is our longest, and most profitable season. It can also be called "Tourist Season". Expect days of 70 to 100 degrees, in no special order. 

Welcome to Virginia.

Just After Summer
Just after summer is a very short season. Summer in southern Virginia lasts forever. Sometimes Just after Summer is only a few weeks. 
Here lately, just after summer is overlapping with the final season of the year. 

Just after summer features the harvest of crops, and temps in the 60's, with some rain thrown in. 

Just after summer will normally start around Sept 30 and go through Oct 31

Welcome to Virginia.

Christmas is the final season of the year in Southern Virginia.

It begins promptly at 9pm on Oct 31 when Trick or treating stops. 

Everyone takes down all fall decorations and immediately decorates everything that is not moving for Christmas. Waking up on Nov 1 is a shock. 
No more fall colors, everything is red and green with fake snow. 

Every business plays Christmas music, every store sells Christmas items. 

Non stop 24 hours a day from 9pm Oct 31 until the first Saturday of the new year. 
Normally on the first Sat of the new year, finally everyone is sick of Christmas and starts undecorating. 

Just Before Summer begins promptly on schedule, so the Christmas decorations need to come down!

Welcome to Virginia.

We are the only non tropical place that removes Christmas decorations to hang up flip flops and surf boards. 


  1. this is so true! i love your descriptions, they are dead on!

  2. There is also a 5th season, but it typically runs 365 days a year, so it really isn't a season any more.

    That is construction season.

    I will post about that later.