Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Navy Wife Separation Issue

So as a faithful Navy Wife, or in my case a girlfriend/live in lover/we will get married some day I guess, Navy Person, we are used to dealing with separation. 
The military teaches us that our sailor does not have a 9-5 job and you can never guess when he will be home. 

I deal fairly well with the separation most of the time. I have my moments where I get upset, but I don't typically pout on duty day or get upset over a 4 day underway. 
I deal with the fact that I am at home alone. I go to work, I come home. I have dinner, (maybe), I watch TV, I read my Nook, I go to bed. 
Exciting, but true. 
So why is it that I can fill up my evenings with no problem when he is not home, and yet Captain Needy cannot handle me working late?
I have things come up at work and I need to work late. I try not to when he is home, I try to get it all done and get out on time, but it doesn't always happen. 

On the nights when I am working late, even if it is 15 minutes late, Captain Needy is always calling and texting to find out when I am coming home. 

I have this separation thing down pat, but someone else does not. 

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  1. Because he knows he won't get to be there all the time and he wants to get as much time with you as he can. You'd be surprised how emotional men actually are...and how they suck at conveying it.