Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect Storm

For those of us on the East Coast, it has been the perfect storm weekend. 
Hurricane Sandy decided to hit the east coast and run into some other systems causing much rain and wind on the east coast. 

For my area, the main pain in the rear is the Flooding. Normally the wind causes power outages, so people are stuck in their houses with no power, and they can't leave because their street is flooded. 
I got a large amount of flooding in my area, but my personal yard flooded less than when we had Irene last year. 
I've lived in Virginia all my life so tropical storms and hurricanes are just another day at the office for me. 
I come home and prep to be without power. We already have plenty of food that I can eat with no power. I have a power pack, so I can charge up phones or whatever when the power is out. I keep a pretty good stock of batteries too, so I can listen to the radio when the power goes out. 

For those of us who have family members in the Navy, it is the customary practice to send the ships out of harms way. Unless the ship is not in a good enough shape to go, typically they go. 
They can't get out of it, so there is no use bitching about it. Yes it sucks, especially when the storm comes up around a time frame when they are already scheduled to go out. 

So basically on Friday, The Navy gave him about 4 hours off to handle their business, and then they had to go back to the ship. Of course, I am stuck at work and I can't get off to see him. 
He comes to work and brings me flowers and cake. He brought me flowers because he said he was sorry he was going out to sea. He really didn't need to apologize, it is not like he did something on purpose. It is a hurricane!
So I didn't get to see him, just long enough to get my flowers. 
I came home from work and make sure that I had what I needed for the storm and I was good. I didn't need to go anywhere Friday. 
I decided that since I am so far behind on my scrapbooking, and I had just got 200 pictures printed all from 2010, I was going to stay home all weekend and scrapbook. 
I have been doing plenty of workshops in 2012, but most of them I am just so busy working, I just have not had any time to sit down and work on my own albums. So having this weekend at home was a blessing. 
Friday night I was able to go through all of my pictures from Medieval Times and then scrpabook four pages. Which was great!
Saturday was my nephew's last baseball game so I went to that and then took my niece and nephew out to lunch after the game. I enjoy being able to do that with them once in awhile. The storm had started moving in, and it had started raining by the time lunch was over. 
After lunch, I headed to the grocery store. The local store had picked this weekend to double coupons up to $2, so I decided to go on a couponing trip. I went and did that and got some stuff to stock up. After that, I was done and just decided to come home. 
Not even 5 minutes after getting home, a friend called and her and her husband ended up coming over for several hours. It was raining and a little windy, but the worst of the storm wasn't here yet. When they left around 8pm or so, I went next store and hung out with my neighbors for a couple hours. 
Sunday, I made up my mind since I did not get any scrapbooking done on Saturday I was going to make up ground!
Which I did. I got about 18 pages done Sunday, I finished Medieval Times completely and I cropped all of the pictures for the next few things. 
My employer rarely closes for anything but for some reason they were closed today for the storm since many roads were flooded. So I just decided that since parts of my street were flooded and closed by the city, I was going to just stay home all day and not run any errands at all. I made up my mind that I was going to enjoy the day. I slept in a bit, I did a few things around the house, but I did get some scrapbooking and organizing done. 

Well unfortuantely, the home bound scrapbook weekend is over and now I have to go to bed and prep to go back to work tomorrow. 

I have no idea if when I will see the sailor. He may come home tomorrow, but with his work schedule, and the fact that I am going out of town Thursday through Sunday. I have no idea what he is doing. It does kind of stink, but I understand it is his job, and I am not mad about it. 

So I guess I need to stop blogging and get my act together for work tomorrow.