Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sea Duty means on the SEA

I get so annoyed when I hear wives complain about how much their sailor is gone on SEA DUTY. Seriously? What part did you not understand? The SEA or the DUTY???
Its not called "Land Duty" or "Home everyday by 4pm duty" It is called SEA DUTY. He's a sailor, he is meant to be on the sea. 

If you want your sailor home with you every night and always up your ass because you are so afraid he is going to fart and you won't get to smell it, tell him to join the Navy band or the Air Force. 

I understand that no one likes having to take care of everything by themselves for a long period of time. But what would you being doing if you were single?
Would you be bitching and moaning that you have to do everything by yourself?
No, you would just do it. 

Instead of your non-stop childish bitching and moaning that he isn't with you every second of the day, why not just be thankful you have him?

How many single moms are out there doing it all, with absolutely zero support from anyone else?

Before you open your mouth to bitch that he isn't home, and his head is not crammed up your ass 24/7, Stop and think. 

In a flash, he could be gone. 

That is literally all it takes.

Before you start bitching he's not home, thank God above that your situation is not different. 

Be thankful that you can email him or talk to him on the phone. 

There are widows that would give anything just to have 5 more minutes. 

So stop bitching. He's in the Navy, let him sail the seas while you sit home alone and cash his paychecks and bitch about how he's not there. 

Stop Bitching, At least YOU HAVE HIM.