Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cuts and Promotions

Normally, I try to avoid politics and the non-stop yapping of Military Wives with a passion. I've learned that those who have the most to say are usually the quiet ones. Those who only want to inflate themselves, and their service member are usually the ones who do all the talking. 
I try to be funny, and be real. Life sucks, PERIOD Whether you are military, civilian, single parent, no kids, Jewish, Christian, whatever. Unless you are rolling around in money like the Romney's, your life sucks, and feel free to bitch about it. 

What I wanted to write about today was the venom. Most know, the E4-E6 promotion lists from March are due out this time of year. Normally the NAC releases them right around Memorial Day weekend. The quotas for the advancement are released and then normally a total number of those who will advance is released, then FINALLY the actual results are released and those who will promote are notified. 

Well me being the nosey person that I am, I can't wait for him to just call me and say yes or not. I like reading the lists and seeing if there is anyone on there that I know, so I have been following the posts from the NAC and the Navy Times to see if I can figure out when the results will be released. 
Yesterday, I ran into a situation that I was un-prepared for. When the overall number of how many E4-E6 was released, several Navy Wives completely went off and lost it. Their husbands were cut by the ERB and claim that their husband losing his job is what caused so many promotions. 
Well I do not agree at all. 

Honestly, it is clear to me that those complaining have never really had a real job at a real company and have no clue what it is like to really have a job. People loose their jobs EVERYDAY. They should be extremely thankful that the Navy does give them a severance package and they have notice to begin looking for other work. It could have been a scenario like many others have faced where you go in to work one day and it just gets announced that hey we are closing this office, so pack your desk. 
If other employers are allowed to re-organize and determine where they need to make staff cuts in order to maintain a profit margin, I do not understand why its suddenly evil that the military does it.
Yes I understand, you sign a contract for a specific period of time, make financial commitments based on that contract and level of guaranteed income. I completely understand the concept that if they shoe was on the other foot, the Navy would not let YOU break your contract. So why do they get to?

What I do not understand is those who are all upset, all in arms, and all pissed off, Saying that the promotions came on the backs of the ERB. 
The Navy is promoting 29,000 which is a high number. But I honestly think that if the promotions were related to the ERB there would BE LESS. 
The Navy shoots itself in the foot repeatedly by allowing rates to get overmanned. Basically they have certain rates that require MANY E4 and below but require very very few E5 and above. They Navy banks on those E4 and below never making the Navy a career or a long term commitment. They assume they will do their 4, get their GI Bill and get out. Then when the younger ones decide that it isn't so bad after all compared to the job market in the real world, they decide to stay a bit longer, and longer and then the next thing you know, the Navy is overmanned with mid career people in certain rates. 

I understand it sucks and the Navy should see the problem coming and basically that is what the PTS is for. But it doesn't always work that way. 

Anyway, I understand the ERB. I just do not understand Navy Wives flipping out, calling those NOT cut by ERB nasty names and saying that it is THEIR FAULT their husband got cut. 

If when anyone I am related to gets promoted, It will be a long over due, well deserved promotion. 

It will NOT be because someone else got cut on the ERB.